Biker Subculture

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1. Introduction A wave of change swept over the era of modernism, people began to question and scrutinise the norms of society. This change is referred to as postmodernism (Meggs & Purvis, 2006:466). Postmodernism gave birth to different subcultures, groups of people who behave and believe differently than the norm of society, this as a result makes them stand out from the crowd and at times also are the cause that they are not accepted into society (Andersen & Taylor, 2007: 48). The following essay will analyse the Biker subculture. It will comment on the history, characteristics, principles and ideals and the lifestyle of the subculture. The aim is to form conclusions from the subculture and use these conclusions to create a Neo…show more content…
If one has to truly choose one aspect of a biker’s visual appearance that might lead you to a truer conclusion, it will be a biker’s colours. Biker Colours is a patch that are worn at the back of a biker’s vest, it is a graphic symbol that shows with who he affiliates himself (Figure 6). Furthermore, it also signifies something about bikers and what they stand for (Garant, [S.a.]). These colours are normally earned and show the club’s acceptance of the person in question. The designs of these club colours can be elaborate and colourful or even plain but still graphic in a sense. Either way, each has its own personal meaning which only the members will know. However, it must be noted that these colours through the years has mainly passed to men, women were not seen as deserving of such an honour although it has started to change slowly over time. (Laschuk, [S.a].). In addition, if one has to look at bikers and what they might deem as an art form, motorcycle customization would most definitely be it. A biker sees his motorcycle as an extension of his being; therefore it is only natural that he will express himself through it, customising it to suit his personality. These customizations can either be subtle changes like changing the colour of the motorcycle or can go to the extreme as seen in Figure 7, 8 and 9, where the whole motorcycle is turned into a piece of art or new creature. 3.3. Ideas, Principles
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