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Bilbo Baggins Essay Have you ever changed in your life for the better? Well, in the novel, The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, there is a main character named Bilbo Baggins who is a hobbit. Bilbo changes throughout the story because he is a dynamic character. He becomes courageous, adventurous, and learns to use his wits as the story develops. Let me go into further detail with this. First of all, he gains courage in the story. Before he went on this adventure, he was timid and to himself. This is because hobbits didn’t go on anything dangerous, especially adventures. This all changes as soon as Bilbo goes on this journey with Gandalf and the dwarves. We see our first example of this when he tries to steal from the three huge, nasty…show more content…
Bilbo used to be one of the least adventurous hobbits out there. But he does things he never thought he would do, like accept the job as a burglar, and fulfills his duties as one. So in the sense, he gained an adventurous side of him he thought he never had. We see his adventurous side when he saves his friends from the prison of the wood elves. He could’ve just left them or begged the wood elf to free them, but he decided to wait for his one chance and escape with his friends. He stole the keys from one of the elves, set them free, put them into barrels and sent them all down the river. Now tell me what he did was not out of the ordinary or the least bit of adventurous. We also see his speech starting to change into an adventurer’s when he says, “I tell you the gold was only an afterthought with us. We came over hill and under hill for revenge.” First of all, he said this to the almighty Smaug, who could burn him to smithereens if he chose to. So he gained confidence as well, which came with the adventure side of him. In conclusion, we can now see that Bilbo is in fact a dynamic character. He gains many qualities he can use in the future, like courage, learning to use his wits, and letting out the adventurous side in him. He used to be almost paranoid, to himself, and strict. But now he has turned into something much bigger, an adventurer. So the adventure changed him for the better. This is how Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit we thought would never do anything
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