Bildungsroman, Literary Genre

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Stories of education depicted in a novel, normally refers to the character’s process as he learns from his experiences; these experiences shaping him to be the person he is at the end of the novel. Bildungsroman, a literary genre, comprises of this, where it is the term describing the process of the character’s psychological and moral growth in the story. Change in character is the most important characteristic of this genre. For the book in which this is being explored is Frankenstein. The story describes the lessons learnt by Victor and the Creature, how their experiences results in their actions in the book, and how all of these finally produced the people that they were at the end of the story.

Firstly, their background was different, due to the way that they were educated from when they were born. How one is taught when they first came into the world would play the biggest determining factor in the personality the person will develop as he grows up. Victor was born from a wealthy family, notably considered to be one of the most distinguished in the country. He was doted on by his family, with his future mapped out for him since young, even arranged a marriage in the future by his parents. The creature on the other hand was abandoned at birth by his creator, leaving him alone to figure out the kindness and the cruelty of the world. He had absolutely nobody in the world, and the humans hated him due to his looks. He also feared the possibility that he had no one to
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