Bilibgual education Essay

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Bilibgual education The Detrimental Effect of an Education in a Foreign Language California passed a proposition in 1997 that ended funding for teaching children solely in their native language. Instead of these programs, opulent citizens will provide funding for the English as a Second Language (ESL) program in California's public schools. These ESL classes will have non-native speakers learn subjects in English and their native language simultaneously. Even though the proposition passed, the issue of which plan is more beneficial continues to spark debate. On the one hand, ethnic groups say the law is unjust because their children cannot understand English. They argue that their children need to be taught in their native tongue. Most…show more content…
Fortunately, the ESL plan eliminated all forms of public funding for teaching non-native speakers. Private money is used for the ESL program. Thus all of the tax money will be going towards the education of the children whose parents paid taxes. Ultimately tax money is better allocated under the ESL plan. The second major problem with the old system was that a child's education was being adversely affected in the long run. Basic elements, such as reading and writing, are important to develop at a young age. Even if a child learns these basic skills in a language that is different from the one that is spoken in society, it remains detrimental to their future because it inhibits their child's participation in society. The old plan of teaching children in their native tongue was only hurting students by preventing them integrating themselves into the larger society. Admittedly, some students would have an easier time learning some subjects because they were taught in their native language, but they would now be able to translate their knowledge into achievement of language barriers. Although the ESL program takes much more time to teach children in both English and their own respective languages, it would have a more effective long-term outcome. The ESL program bridges a gap between their language and English, as Heda 3 opposed to the old plan that left them mired in their old language while lived in a
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