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Bilingual Benefits: An Integral Aspect of Our Modern Global Community Growing up as a child in a military family, I had the fortunate experience of living in many places in the United States and abroad. With each new living adventure, we often met new families who were of mixed backgrounds and many of the new friends I made had one parent that was American and another that was of non-American or non-English speaking nationality. As such, these new friends were often bilingual. I often pondered what it would be like to live in a household where more than one language was spoken and found myself intrigued by that prospect. By the time I reached middle school though, the duty stations were all located in the United States and the majority…show more content…
To Begin with, exposure to cultures other than those of one’s origins is often seen as beneficial because individuals get to not only see how others perceive the world in which they exist but they also get to understand that the world in which they live is culturally diverse. As such, exposure to a bilingual education can serve the purpose of building a bridge that offers a deeper level of understanding about the world as a whole. From a social standpoint, I believe this to be an extremely important attribute of bilingual education because while I think it is important to have national pride, I also believe that it is equally important to understand that our greater existence on this planet is as a global community. From the strict standpoint of education, exposure to a bilingual education can only serve to benefit learners because it offers individuals the chance to broaden their horizons and as noted by Regina Cortina ET. Al, “large-scale longitudinal studies have demonstrated measurable…show more content…
With technology and travel, our culturally diverse planet has become a global melting pot and while the division of nations and nationalities still exists, all countries are comprised of individuals from various nationalities. As such, a great benefit of bilingual educations is that they often afford their students ample professional opportunities and tend to open more employment doors. Houston happens to be a perfect example of how and why bilingual education is important because as the 4th most populous city in the United States, it is also one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation. With that, the need for individuals who speak languages other than English is an important attribute and is indicative as to why an incorporation of bilingual education can be helpful. Mizab and Bahloul note “[t]he 21st century is shaped to keep pace with the requirements of our interrelated world. The role of translators shifted as well from transferring meanings between languages to a more sophisticated cluster of professions: they become ‘language services providers’” (p.190). Though there are many people who “believe” that
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