Bilingual Education : A Bilingual Classroom

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Our schools are changing, educators can no longer expect to walk into a classroom where all the students are English speakers. Consequently, administrators and educators must enhance the delivery of education to ELL’s. For the purpose of this paper, I would first look at what it means to teach in a bilingual classroom. Secondly, I will take an introspective look at a few multimedia tools used in making bilingual education interesting. Moreover, the ensuing paper would give a detailed rationale for the multimedia tools identified, and will show how these tools meet the needs of English Language Learners. The Bilingual Classroom Cohen 1975, defined “bilingual education as the use of two languages as media of instruction for a child or a group of children in part or all of the school curriculum.” (p. 18). Therefore, we can conclude in bilingual classrooms students and teachers speak the same language. In these classes the teachers teach in the language of the adoptive country and the student’s native language, eventually giving way to the language of the adoptive country of the students. However, students must be given time to adjust to adapt. Interestingly, these classes are geared towards the students holding onto their culture and speaking both languages fluently. Multimedia Tools Used in Bilingual Education According to Andresen & Brink, 2013, “Multimedia can be viewed as a learning tool and a means of communication. Within learning situations, multimedia
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