Bilingual Education : A Education

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Bilingual education Bilingual education is a must in today’s global world. It has been practiced in many countries for thousands of years. It is a form of education in which students need to learn two or more than two languages. It is designed to provide dual language program and to give equal education opportunities to the native as well as immigrant students. The main objective of bilingual education in the United States is to teach English to students who have limited English proficiency. It has been a controversial topic in the United States for many years now. While some people support the idea of bilingual education, some choose to go against it. United States is considered as a free country so some stand to point out that there should be freedom to speak whichever language one prefer, while other criticize this point by saying that using languages other than English causes divisiveness. However, Bilingual education helps to maintain one’s fluency in their native language along with developing their understanding of the second language learned. This helps to increase the self-confidence in the children and introduces them to different cultures; therefore, the advantages of bilingual education outweighs the disadvantages. Bilingual education constantly being a new idea has lots of benefits in today’s generation; critics like Temes, joya & ceron has supported this and claimed that it is helpful through their article by mentioning that bilingual program can work and it is

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