Bilingual Education Should Be Banned

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Is bilingual education a success or should it be terminated? Many people argue that bilingual education should be banned however; others argue that it shouldn’t. According to“A Challenge of Educators” over “five million immigrant children are enrolled in the public schools and the number is steadily rising” (Parrillo,2001,pg.1).The United State is a diverse country that is well known for its approach to multiculturalism. Due to multiculturalism and immigration, people speak different languages which can become a barrier to students’ success. Bilingual education is a topic that has become controversial in today‘s world due to different points of views.However, bilingual education is not affecting students negatively on the other hand it gives the opportunity to many students to have an equal education. Bilingual education should remain in schools to the benefit of those students who need it.
Every student is smart in their own way; all they need is to be given the correct instruction. Sometimes students might be brilliant and learn effectively in the language that they are familiar with, yet, there are other circumstances where students are submerge in a class where they might find the language spoken strange. Therefore, children might have trouble understanding the lessons given in class. Language barriers could be a factor to student’s academic achievement. If students are not able to understand the instructions given in class, then how are they expected to learn the…
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