Bilingual Language Acquisition Beginning in Infancy Essay

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Bilingual Language Acquisition Beginning in Infancy Abstract
The purpose of this paper is to determine how infants and small children are able to acquire more than one language at the same time before they reach the age of three years old. In order to be bilingual does the infant's mother have to be bilingual or can it be taught from a caretaker not associated with the family? This paper will begin with how languages are organized in the brain of infants and what influences the brain.

Bilingual Language Acquisition Beginning in Infancy
How one acquires the skill to be bilingual has been a subject of interest to me especially during the infancy stage. During my early school age up to my middle adult age it amazes
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So how is language acquired?

How is language acquired? Could it be an intuitive process or is it a natural understanding for the language? It appears that by talking to your infant from the day he or she is born is the beginning. From birth to around nine months a infant should understand simple words and commands. A baby learns language in one way by hearing their parents or caregivers talking with them on a daily basis. Carrying out this simple task of talking and explaining this, the child will learn language acquisition. I personally believe an infant understands more than they can speak just as some adults who may have limited abilities in speaking a different language and expressing their point of view they understand it but they cannot express it in words.
Language acquisition is a creative process, and children somehow figure out the rules of "universal grammar" (Fromkin 2007). In other words they are born with this ability to understand language. They are "prewired". According to Chomsky children acquire complex grammar quickly and easily without any help. This is partly due to the universal grammar.
Several processes and stages are necessary for an infant to go through in learning language. The first stage is the pre-linguistic which begins from birth until around six months which includes crying, cooing and babbling. Around six months until a year the babbling continues and some random word utterances develop. When
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