Bilingual Observation Paper

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On Friday night roughly around 8 pm I arrived at a hookah lounge called café Mawal. Since entering the building I observed many average heighted men with tan complexions, tic eyebrows, and many of them with beards. They spoke loud yet joyfully. I recognized that they were all Arabs, from the dialects of the language they spoke I can tell they were from numerous Arab countries. Upon sitting down I was able to overhear numerous conversations from the tables around me, indicting there’s no such things as speaking with our indoor voices. I noticed there was a bunch of young couples, many of them without any rings on their finger, but because of the tendency of speaking out loud I was able to over hear their conversation. They were flirting with one another and talking with such profound love, but while I was hearing this I didn’t see any physical interaction.…show more content…
This observation made me come to the conclusion that unmarried couples especially of Arabic decent did not display a public affection. Yet that did not mean they weren’t in
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