Bilingual Vs. Ban On Bilingual Education

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Yan Zhi Chen
Sharada Balachandran-Orihuela
Paper 3
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Bilingual Education to ban or not to ban?
When we speak about this country—The United States of America—we automatically think of the great number of languages people speak in this country. Take California as an example. It is one of the border states of America, and this state is made up mostly of immigrants. As a result, most people in this state are either bilingual or even trilingual. In order for the immigrant students to become integrated into this country, they must learn English, and Bilingual Education can help them assimilate faster to this new country. Nevertheless, people continue to vote against and ban Bilingual Education because they believe that if the student is here in America, he or she should be treated the same as the native speakers in order to save money and for him or her to better fit in. Even though many people criticize bilingual education, I personally am one of the supportive fans of it because Bilingual Education allows new immigrant students to learn English at a reasonable pace, assimilate to a new environment, maintain their academic specialties, and not to fall behind.
What is Bilingual Education? The term refers to the practice of teaching non-English speaking children in their native language, and was developed in the 1960’s; these programs were intended to allow students to progress in science, math and social studies while they learned English in a separate class.
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