Bilingualism : A Large Percentage Of Spanish Language

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Did you know that a large percentage of Spanish speaking parents in the United State do not teach their children or supply them with resources to better or maintain their Spanish language? Due to such high percentage of children not speaking, writing, or reading Spanish, is declining tremendously. Therefore, Bilingualism plays a big role among the Hispanic societies and provides our future generation with better employment opportunity, but due to parents lacks of involvement, the percentage of Spanish speaking youth are just getting lowers each year. In addition, a lot more people are speaking Spanish in the United States, but you did not know that in the future more of those Spanish speakers would not be Hispanic. Therefore, parents should not assume school will be a source for their youth’s bilingual education and must teach them themselves. Since the language is such an active subject, maybe it change will remain as an interested and will continue being an important area of education. The Spanish language establishes one of the most important environments training change. Where it well known that the United States is a nation where Spanish, among other languages, is in an eternal relation with the English language. This is something that happens little by little base on the shortage of the language use. Bilingual make use of the two language situations. What do you think is one the language presents more frequency of use? That person or child may show some

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