Bilingualism And Bilingual Education

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As the previous discussion has shown, the notions bilingualism and bilingual education are pretty complex. Summing up, bilingualism exists in different levels, which are defined as termed individual bilingualism and societal bilingualism. These forms are typical either for the whole language minorities (communities) or for an individual. This should be taken into account for bilingual education, which can be described as language possession at the individual level. From the research that has been carried out, it is possible to conclude that this issue is very complex and can be described by various dimensions, such as language ability, achievement, competences, performance, proficiency and skills, as well as the age of language acquisition, the balance of two languages, context of language usage. Considering the bilingual education as an additional opportunity of foreign language teaching, the findings have determined that it is practiced its strong forms in Germany, namely Content and Language Integrated Learning, Immersion Teaching, Content Based Instructions. In this context, a foreign language serves as a medium of communication for certain subjects, accordingly as a medium for transmitting curricula. Depending on the approach and learners’ language level the proportion of a…show more content…
Among all approaches of bilingual teaching, it is singled out the task-based language learning or teaching, which is valid as a strong method of bilingual teaching increasing curiosity and contributing collaborative learning. As the exemplary examination of visual aids for Geography has shown, the method can be applied for the development of all listed above competence independent from the language
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