Bilingualism: My First Language Acquisition

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Second Partial Exam Nowadays is important to speak more than one language for many reasons. In one hand we have that being bilingual leads you to new cultures, new friends and new knowledge. According to (Myers-Scotton, 2006) “Bilingualism is defined as speaking two or more languages with native-like ability” On the other hand “Multilingualism is also an interdisciplinary phenomenon that can be studied from both an individual and a societal perspective.” (Cenoz, 2013)
Spanish was my first language acquisition when I was born. Making the reminder that language acquisition refers to the language acquired when a child speaks it as the first language. “When a child speaks a language as a first language in the home, we refer to language acquisition.” (Myers-Scotton, 2006) My family was the first influence in the process of the acquisition of my first language. Starting as a passive speaker by listening to them, and then becoming an active speaker by interaction. As I grew up, the use of this language increased. After speaking Spanish with my family as a child I applied the little knowledge at school. Between the ages of six to twelve years old, I learned the structure and rules
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First, it was the fact that I started speaking both languages almost at the same age. “All children easily acquire any language to which they are exposed up until about the age of puberty” (Myers-Scotton, 2006) Another fact that influenced in my bilingualism was living in Monterrey. Living near to a border area, Mexico and the U.S. Speakers may learn a second language because they are more in contact with the culture, and this was exactly my case. Finally, the last factor that promoted my bilingualism was that at a young age, I decided to become an English teacher. Nowadays and in the future, as an English teacher, language, more than ever, is my main tool for personal, social and professional
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