Bill 2 Reflection

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The two bills I chose were bill 2 and bill 5. These bills were a resolution to create a demilitarized zone the South China Sea (bill 2) and a bill to create an Indian free trade agreement (bill 5). The speeches I wrote were both positive and bill 2 was won by the Republicans, which is the group I was with. I also believe bill 5 would have been won too, but that bill was never called upon. The South China Sea is worth 5.3 trillion dollars. This is enough for China to threaten military action for claim over the wealth (Fensom). How important is this body of water? The South China Sea is very valuable. Most of its wealth is within trade, islands, and oil. Many global sea routes connect in the South China Sea, giving it the nickname “the throat…show more content…
I found myself agreeing with every bill that was voted on for the Republican side. However, there were some bills I did not agree with. For example, bill 1 I would have had to vote no, against the Republican party, because I do not agree with a bill to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences. The bills that were brought up for discussion happened to work out to where I agree with, and voted on, the Republican side.
The hardest part about Mock Congress was getting in front of the class and saying my speech. I am not very good at speaking, making it hard to fluently give an entire speech in front of a crowd. The easiest part about Mock Congress was probably listening and voting on other bills. The part I enjoyed the most was listening and debating on the bills brought up in class. I enjoyed this because I found it to be fun and interesting. The part I enjoyed least would definitely been giving my speech in front of the class.
I do not really have any one person in mind for the best congressman/woman. If I had to choose, I would pick Alex Hudson. I am choosing him because he was very active during the duration of Mock Congress. He brought up several good points, along with asking good questions. Alex also seemed the most prepared on him speech, being that he had all the facts he needed for his speech memorized and did not need and
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