Bill 3080: Legislation Analysis

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Legislation History Bill A.3080 was first introduced in January 2014 and has been re-introduced every year. Since 2014, it has been referred to the corrections committee in the Assembly and the Crime Victims, Crime and Correction committee in the Senate. From 2014 to 2016, the bill was sponsored by Senator Bill Perkins and this year the Senate sponsor is Senator Kevin Parker (A.3080, 2017). As of this year in the Assembly, there are 46 co-sponsors and 11 multi-sponsors all of them being Democrats. For the Senate, there are seven Democratic sponsors as of this year. The bill in both Houses has had trouble moving past the committees they are referred to for several years. On the Corrections committee, seven of the Assemblymembers have co-sponsored…show more content…
There is a loss of privacy for the prisoner, even though they are all alone in the cell, guards are constantly watching them. They are there watching every move they make. It is often argued that solitary confinement creates a loss of freedom because the prisoner is already taken away from society, but then also isolated again in prison. The idea of being surrounded by four walls for 23 hours of the day is frightening. Therefore, many prisoners develop suicidal thoughts, personality disorders, and mental illnesses such depression, anxiety, paranoia, bipolar, schizophrenia, and claustrophobia (ConnectUS, 2015). It can also be stated that the purpose of solitary confinement is often not effective because instead of having someone there to help them process what they did, they are isolated. Prisoners in confinement simply end up just waiting for time to pass by instead of thinking about their…show more content…
With Raise the Age being a controversial issue this year during the budget, bill A.3080 has a higher chance of going to the Assembly floor. This bill will limit the length of time prisoners are placed in solitary confinement, restrict prisoners from the special population from being placed in solitary confinement, develop rehabilitation units to help prisoners placed in confinement, and make facilities require training for their staff and report their solitary confinement numbers. It will lead to a reduction in costs for prisons because there will be fewer prisoners placed in solitary confinement with the restrictions. Overall, the whole state will be affected by bill A.3080 because there are prisons located throughout the state and the prisoners come from different parts of the
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