Bill C 51 : Rights And Freedom

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Bill C-51 was passed on June 2015 and has since caused a lot of controversy among Canadian citizens. The legislation was created to stop future terror attacks on the country and to slow down radicalization. Instead, Canadians find that the bill strips them of their freedom and promises little improvement to public safety. Not only that, but some also find it dangerous in terms of its potential impacts on constitutionally and internationally protected rights, on the rule of law, and on the health of Canada’s democracy. In the end, this legislation is not only unsuccessful in countering terrorism, but is also counter-productive in that it is reckless, dangerous and ineffective towards supporting Canadians’ rights and freedom. The purpose of this act is to encourage and monitor the sharing of information between Government of Canada institutions in order to protect Canada against activities that threaten the security of Canada, but this bill not only fails to fix those flaws, it recreates and causes more underlying problems without adding any meaningful safeguards to ensure the expansive powers it grants will not be similarly abused. The bill allows information sharing across 17 government institutions for a wide range of purposes, most of which have nothing to do with terrorism. After the bill was passed, it has raised serious concerns regarding the potential impact is has on the basic civil liberties of all Canadians. The new legislation significantly expands CSIS’

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