Essay on Bill Clinton: 42nd President of the United States

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The name of my President is Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States of America. Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946, in the small town of Hope, Arkansas. Bill was named after his father, William Jefferson Blythe II, who had been killed in a car accident just three months before he was born. Bill’s birth name was William Jefferson Blythe III. His mother, Virginia Cassidy Blyth, moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, to study nursing and find a way to support herself and Bill Clinton, and he stayed with his grandparents in Hope. Eldridge and Edith Cassidy taught Bill strong values and beliefs teaching him that everyone is created equal no matter how different of skin or race they seemed. His mother returned in …show more content…

Bill earned his Bachelor of Science degree in International Affairs at the University, while doing this he worked as an intern in the office of Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright. He learned how the government worked by working there and what it’s like to be a Politian.


Bill entered politics in Arkansas, and was defeated in his campaign for Congress in Arkansas’s Third District in 1974. Bill married Hillary Rodham the following year, a graduate of Wellesley College and Yale Law School, in 1980. He only had one child named Chelsea. Clinton was elected Arkansas Attorney General in 1976, and won the governorship in 1978. He regained office four years after losing a bid for a second term, and served until he defeated George Bush and third party candidate Toss Perot in the 1992 presidential race and became the President on January 20, 1993. He was Governor of Arkansas from 1979-1981 and 1983-1992) Bill’s vice President was Albert Gore Jr. Both White House and Congress were held by the same party for the first time in 12 years, but the Republicans won both houses in 1994. Bill Clinton was a Democratic President under the United States. There was an issue in 1998 that involved personal indiscretions with a young woman White House intern, which cause Bill to be the second U.S. President to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

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