Bill Clinton's Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Jim Whaler

Florida State University

Management 605, Section 1
Dr. Jane Bagley
November 3, 2011

Bill Clinton was a President that did not allow anyone to tell him something could not be done. If this President found that something could not be completed, he would go as far as possible and then start on the next agenda on the list. He was a well organized President with people in his cabinet that admired this ability. President Bill Clinton changed the entire ambiance of the country with his command of emotional intelligence. When the country was torn on issues, he would find a way to bring people together and solve the
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William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton (born as William Jefferson Blythe III; August 19, 1946) was born three months after his father’s tragic automobile accident. His mother Virginia Dell Cassidy left Bill’s hometown soon after his father’s death to pursue nursing school in New Orleans. Bill was left with his grandparents in the hometown of Hope, Arkansas, as his mother finished her degree in nursing. Soon after his mother returned to Hope from nursing school she married a man named Roger Clinton, Sr. Mr. Clinton, Sr. owned and operated an automobile dealership, in Hot springs Arkansas. The family moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1950. During his early years he assumed his stepfathers last name, and at the age of fourteen he formally adopted the surname Clinton as a respect to his stepfather. Bill Clinton reminiscences his stepfather abusing his mother and half brother, Roger Clinton, Jr. to the point where he had to step in to curtail any further confrontation, even to the point of threatening violence to protect them. Although there was never any record of Bill Clinton actually having confrontation with his stepfather, this is certainly a platform for the development of emotional intelligence. An opportunity to discover if one actually knows themselves and whether it

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