Bill Clinton's Failure To Really Balance The Budget

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The movie did hold my interest. I was interested in how the economy operated from the beginning after being founded in the 18th century. I liked how the movie depicted the nations debt. This movie was sort of like a chapter in a history book to me. It showed how the United States economically prospered and did not so well over the years. I never really thought of this nation having a significant amount of debt in the beginning. What I realized after watching the movie was that we need to elect more officials that are more concerned about the national budget and proposing solutions to fix it. This video made me see the government as an empire and how these different branches control the government. It also made me realize that the government is not as good as…show more content…
So this makes me question how the government will be if Trump goes on to actually cut taxes severely. I am also curious of Trumps stances on national debt as well. It was surprising to me to find out that the nation only had about 5 budget surpluses in its history, even more surprising to find out that 4 of those years was under Bill Clintons second term. One question I have is that since Clinton was successful at achieving a budget surplus for the nation why don't more presidents take some of his ideals and his methods while they are in office? I already knew of the problems of social security in the future but I have not heard of any new proposals for a successor to the social security issue. This movie reminded me of the chapter of financial institutions and the creation of money within the United States. I know the Federal Reserve recently denied to raise the interest rates but, I wonder what has the Federal Reserve has done to increase investment. I feel we need to advertise investing and buying bonds more in this country like we did during World War
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