Bill Clinton's Popularity Despite the Scandals Essay

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The name William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton either creates a negative image or a positive image in the minds of most Americans. Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States of America and served two consecutive terms. He is one of the most popular presidents in history – right up there with Kennedy and even Abraham Lincoln. Nevertheless, there are a group of Americans that remember President Clinton in a negative light. These Americans could be described as the “moral majority” or the “Christian right.” These Americans remember the disgrace and shame that the office of the presidency suffered throughout the sex scandal and impeachment of President Clinton. Did the sex scandal and eventual impeachment of President Clinton have a…show more content…
A large number of Americans now believe that a political figure such as a president, senator, judge, etc. has a right to their own private life; and that immoral behavior does not reflect on how they govern or perform their job duties. President Clinton’s approval rating did go down for a short time during the impeachment but it went up very quickly – above 70 percent – which indicates the public did not believe the scandal would impair President Clinton’s abilities to govern. Well, he is just human and no one is perfect.
President Clinton is certainly human and makes mistakes, just like all of us do. But he has this ability to reach out to the common man and woman. He is very likable and is probably one of the greatest speakers in America. When he was President of the United States he would be seen in the media doing everyday things like jogging around the neighborhood, eating at fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, appearing on talk shows, and playing the saxophone. He seems common enough; and these qualities make him more acceptable to the American voters. The people feel he is just like us, which is true as far as being a human. But he does have a wee bit more power and influence than most common Americans. Yes, these attributes helped to keep his ratings high during the scandals he faced while in the White House. ABC News put forward this statement concerning Clinton in reference to
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