Bill Gates Legacy

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Register to read the introduction…Bill Gates was co-founder of Microsoft and spend a lot of worthy time creating a computer empire (Microsoft) in his own eyes. Gates changed the computer technology usage in our society. Computers became a lot cheaper and usable for regular people. He succeeded not only in business, but also in donations. Gates and his wife created a foundation that donates money to help our society. He left Microsoft to spend more time on his foundation. Gates family has done a lot of good things for humanity and always will be remembered. Bill Gates improved the computer technology of the 20 and 21st centuries.
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Many people donate to the community, but not many people donate that much. Children are our future and always will be the most important part in our lives. Bill and Melinda understand it and are trying to help it. Their donations to health research adds to more than 2 billion dollars. Gates and his wife donated the most money to one particular place – “Gates Foundation donated 750 million dollars into Global Fund for children's vaccines” (“Bill Gates, 4” 5). It’s a very great cause to donate for the children. He has a lot of money and he knows how to control it. Bill and Melinda biggest priority are the kids. He donated 500 million on education. Another half a million on improvement of libraries in our country. Many of the children don’t have money for college and he helps even them, his foundation donated about 1 billion dollars for scholarship programs. Gates Foundation is a very rich company that doesn’t care about the money they care about helping others “in total 1 million dollars were donated to improve education and improvement of libraries in America” (“Bill Gates, 2” 5).It’s unbelievable how much he cares about others. Closing Sentence/Transition; Donation is not only about helping, it’s also been an investment into our
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