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Bill Gates is known as one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world. He is responsible for creating the largest computer and technology business in the world, Microsoft. In the company's early days, no one would have thought that it would change both America and the world from that point on. Gates and his company have created both computers and software that has revolutionized everything in America and the world. What is more amazing is the company continues to grow and revolutionize the ways in which Americans live out their lives. Most importantly, Gates makes people comfortable with his software by making it operate easier and more enjoyable. Bill Gates is living the American dream. When Gates first created Microsoft, selling…show more content…
When the Internet was first introduced, it was strictly meant for the use of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I) for means of communication over long distances, and a faster form of sending and receiving documents. When the Internet finally went public, Gates created a computer interface that revolves completely around the Internet. Why did gates make this decision? Because he knew that in time the Internet was going to expand. Gates quotes, "The Internet is the precursor of the ultimate global network. There is little doubt that when the goal interactive network has finally evolved into the highway, it will still be called the Internet. But as quaint as the term "information highway" is beginning to sound, using it appropriately helps to draw the distinction between today's primarily narrowband interactive network (the current "Internet") and tomorrow's broadband interactive network (the "highway")." (The Road Ahead, Pg 103) Gates knew that just like the highway system in America, the Internet would grow in a way that would connect everyone. The highway system is a series of roads that intersect with each other throughout the United States, creating a traveling system that is limitless. The Internet works in the same way, computers are now connected though either telephone or cable lines which allow them to access information from each other. This simple idea has

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