Bill Gates : President And Founder Of Microsoft

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There are many famous leaders of companies around the world. But what I really admire and inspire me a lot is Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. I like him because he is a very successful business man and he was also a great leader for his company Microsoft. Bill Gates is very nice, he 's really concerned about his employees in the company and also other people in the world who need help. In this article I will explain life and career. Bill Gates is the president and founder of Microsoft. He was born in Oct 28th 1955 in Washington State. He wrote several books about how to succeed in business including "Business at the speed of thought" and "The Road Ahead". Bill Gates is interested in playing golf, tennis and bridge with friends. He was appointed as the Executive Director of Microsoft and Managing the software design. He is ranked number 1 of the world 's richest person in 2013 with $ 61.1 billion. His father is William Gates II. He is a successful lawyer. Mother is a teacher at the University of Washington. His father put a lot of hope for Bill Gates because he wants him one day follows his path. Gate is a very intelligent student; He has an IQ 159 of 160 which is a genius. He studied very well in all subjects, and he was totally smart in math. Bill had a very good knowledge of computer programming at an early age. While he was studying at Harvard University, Bill Gates made a basic programming language. Bill Gates said: "When I was thirteen, my school (Lakeside
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