Bill Gates : The World Will Never Run Short Of Those !

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Susan: So what future challenges do you expect to face in the coming future, Mr. Gates?
Bill Gates: You mean apart from facing the critics (laughs)?
Susan: Ah, the world will never run short of those! (laughs)!
Bill Gates: Well I feel like we as human beings cause the greatest of harm to ourselves. I am quite concerned about the man-made climate change occurring due to deforestation, spreading of pollution and waste and other similar actions. The climate change will have the greatest impact on the population dependent upon agricultural activities. The poor farmers will suffer the most since crops will be ruined and their earnings will be lost. But I have a plan to tackle this challenge; I have planned to spend about $2 billion towards supporting green technology. My foundation will work closely with the agricultural sectors and focus on inculcating innovation in this sector (Eveleth R., 2014).
Susan: You are the man with the plan Mr. Gates!
Bill Gates: But I have to admit Susan, that I need support from the Government as well as Private Sectors. I would request rich countries to increase their aid to poorer countries. And companies that are working in technology, I would like to see them encourage their top innovators to dedicate some time towards solving problems and issues of the poorer countries (Wired, 2013). I am in contact with the US and French Government and extremely hopeful that they will fund energy innovation which will help in making green energy available at
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