Essay on Bill McKibben's "Driving Global Warming"

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Bill McKibben is a reputable environmental writer and a contributor to a wide variety of publications, including The New York Review of Books, Outside, and The New York Times. As found on his personal website, McKibben is a simple man concerned with family, faith, and fun. He argues in "Driving Global Warming," published 2001, in the magazine The Christian Century, that a gas guzzling SUV is the number one contributing automobile to global warming.

Rather recently, within the past ten years, SUVs have become a more predominant force in the society of automobiles. People of a certain social status seem to be the ones who purchase SUVs with an increased frequency. They have many features that are sold with them to entice consumers
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As McKibben states it, "Giving up SUVs is not exactly a return to the Stone Age." Most people in society think that they have what they have because they believe it is a necessity. In reality though, many people can simply find a better alternative to the current situation that many people are in. The purpose of an SUV versus a regular compact car is that SUVs can be used off road, but McKibben gives us great input to the idea that nearly all SUVs do not venture off the open road.

One of the more appealing aspects that a consumer looks at when purchasing a vehicle is its safety statistics. It is true that SUVs perform better on these safety tests, but that is merely because they are so big. They destroy any compact car when in an accident, most likely killing the persons in the compact car. In reality though, SUVs have such a high roll-over risk that the death statistics balance out between SUVs and non-SUVS, as McKibben offers to clarify this misconception.

Recently, fuel prices have gone through the roof and are making consumers look twice at the fuel efficiency of the vehicle they wish to purchase. Car companies are now looking at new and better ways to increase the fuel efficiency of their vehicles, but they're not doing this with as much concern as McKibben thinks they should. McKibben believes the solution is that we must come together as a

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