Bill Naughton's Play Spring and Port Wine Essay

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Bill Naughton's Play "Spring and Port Wine"

How does the playwright, Bill Naughton, prepare the audience for the first appearance for Rafe on the stage? What are the audience expected to think about him? 07817966841 224 1970

In this coursework I will be focusing on a play called "Spring and
Port Wine". It was first performed in 1965 and is set about forty years ago. I am going to comment on how social and historical things have changed since then and how we as an audience are expected to think of the character called Rafe before his first entry in the play.

At the start of the play in the stage directions we get a lot of information about what Rafe is like. We find out that he looks after his family by giving them a
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You know how he likes everything to be just so". This tells us
Rafe likes everything to be faultless. We are also shown that the family is to some extent frightened of Rafe when Florence says" God help you if he ever finds out", and "I wouldn't want to tell a barefaced lie to Rafe". This shows they are afraid of how Rafe might react if he finds out they have changed some figures in the housekeeping. As the play goes on we discover that Rafe is fussy about keeping the house clean when Daisy says "Rafe always likes to come home to everything spick and span of a Friday". This tells us that he expects the house to be spotless before he comes back home from work. We also learn that Rafe likes routine as Daisy says "Rafe's got this obsession about keeping accounts straight", and "Rafe always liked fish on
Friday". All this shows that Rafe is scrupulous about the house and money. Betsy Jane, a slovenly nosey neighbour is a useful character of telling us what the neighbours think of Rafe. We see that she is in total contrast with the Crompton family because Rafe and his family are very cautious about money but Betsy Jane is careless with money.
Betsy Jane does not think very highly of Rafe, she thinks that he has no right to get in the way of how Daisy controls the housekeeping money. We notice this when she says "what right has he to interfere with your

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