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At the beginning of time, humanity began to create and invent objects for everyday use. These objects held many different purposes, from depicting class and roles in society, to creating a comfortable nest for anyone's functional needs. The transition period of artisans creating furniture, vs. designers making furniture is a pivitol one in society. It is where we, as people, realized comfort and functionality went hand-in-hand with aesthetics. This “transition” set up an example of where society needed to go in order to grow and move into the right direction,

Chairs have de it is a great examples of change from artisan to designers. While back then chairs were made for the look more than comfort,made for ornamentation functionality or esteem
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I have grown to appreciate the minor details in my everyday world now that I know where everything came from. I feel that learning about the evolution of the chair has really given me the ability to see the minds of the people who created it in the first place.

Since there is only so much a company can do to upgrade the use of the chair (its purpose has not evolved, but it helps cultures to
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These chairs, however, were not exactly designed for comfort or use. They were made to explore the possible future in furniture design, and that it did.

“the Bauhaus was the most influential modernist art school of the 20th century, one whose approach to teaching, and understanding art's relationship to society and technology, had a major impact both in Europe and the United States long after it closed.7”

One of the first instances of design came about when germs were discovered; bed bugs, cholera, and other health issues were becoming an increasingly bigger problem that needed to be fixed. A demand for healthy, clean, yet aesthetically pleasing homes came about from these issues. This, in turn, created a demand for designers to correlate artistry and
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