Bill Of Rights Of The United States

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Every know that U.S. is a country that civilize have right from “bill of rights”,Amendment II to keep a fire arms legal. This is what is Amendment II said: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” But it makes this country dangerous.
First, there are too many guns in The America, the number of guns is more than US’s population, it means for average every person own a gun, include kids and old people! From October 5, 2015 ‘s The Washington Post, in 2013 there are 357million guns in the America and only 317million people. Just think about how esay for a bad guy own a gun. Even though tthe owner of those guns is kind, but it still
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In all, the study looked at 160 shootings since 2000.” When a person want to revenge the society for some reason or just want to kill some people before he ends his life, has a gun can make a worse result. Almost at the same date of Sandy Hook, their is another case happened in China. A man who suffered unfair treatment by goverment tring to attact a kindergarten, All weapons he has, is a knife. What result he caused ? Only a teacher get hurted, nobody dead! Why there is a big difference between these two events? Weapons. American have better way to avoid kill and wound when bad thing happened but chinese not because it’s not that often happened to us but I have never heard that a Criminal can kill that much people in school. I believe that if the Chinese criminal has the same weapon as the criminal of Sandy Hook,everything will be changed.This is what guns can change, not only the result. If the criminal don’t have gun, maybe he will not to do that because he almost can’t kill anyone and will get arrest.
Not only citizens are getting killed, let’s counting how many president of The America get killed by assassin. Abraham Lincoln, April 14, 1865, Ford’s theatre; James Garfield, July 2 1881, Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station:William McKinley, Sept. 6, 1901, Pan-American Exposition; John F. Kennedy,Nov. 22, 1963 411 Elm Street. And there are so many unsuccess assassin. How many president we have
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