Bill Of Rights Reflection

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From this lesson, I want to learn the many skills children develop by reading and how to use books to help them read more effectively. In return, this lesson helped me to learn Pennac's “Reader's Bill of Rights”. My previous knowledge and this lesson helped me also to realize these “Reader’s Bill of Rights” should be mandatory for children who are beginning to read or are readers. Each bill has a logical reason that supports it.
For one example, that is related to this lesson, is the first one. “The right not to read” has its own logical explanation. If children are force to read, it can take away from the pleasure of reading. Additionally, the students might be busy, at the time, learning other skills like socializing or gaining more experiences in life to be able to use their own repertoire to make meaning of what they are reading in the future. The second one, “the right to skip pages”, has additional reasons to make it a “Reader’s Bill of Rights”. Sometimes children might have developed many narrative conventions, which allows them to infer the underlying themes. Therefore, they can predict what will happen in the story. These are important skills for children to develop. It will help them to develop a frame of reference for narrations, and they will be more able to tell or write a well-structured story. By skipping pages, students will maintain their interest in reading. Therefore, students will be more likely to read more and become better readers and writers. In
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