Bill of Rights

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Bill of Rights & Amendments Paper

The United States is a country that was founded on the principle of freedom; it took the Bill of Rights to be added to the Constitution to guarantee citizens freedom. The Bill of Rights consists of the first ten amendments in the constitution; a document that outlines how the new American government would be created and operated. The Constitution was ratified in 1788 which was the start of protecting the interests of each citizen, two years later the Bill of Rights was proposed by congress and went into effect in 1791. It was designed to prevent the government from taking total power over citizens and to provide them with legal defenses. This essay will discuss the understanding of how
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However, it was not until “the Voting Rights of 1965 that aimed to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that denied blacks their right to vote under the 15th amendment” (The 15th Amendment: Ratification, 2012). This had to happen because despite the amendment people were still using discriminatory practices against the blacks. There is a difference between the earlier amendments and the later ones because many of the earlier ones like the Bill of Rights were about civil liberties. The 19th through the 27th amendments dealt with political rights and technical issues. For example one of these amendments granted women the right to vote and some clarified the succession to the presidency and vice presidency. The later amendments work to increase political rights and to conform the details of our system of government. Conclusion
Our individual rights are the most traditional and valued accomplishment of the United States, there are other states that are not entitled to have such rights. Each of the amendments are very important to how we live in today’s society; the first ten which is the Bill of Rights grants Americans their freedom. Our founding fathers had a vision on what they wanted America to become they laid the foundation for the constitution and allowed modification if necessary they knew that America would grow and the constitution would need adjustments; that is exactly what
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