Billabong : A Group Global Code Of Conduct

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About Billabong Billabong is a surf company that was founded in Australia’s Gold Coast in 1973. It mainly produces clothing and swimwear, as well watches, skateboards, backpacks, snowboard products and other accessories. The brand name “billabong” came from the Wiradjuri word “bilaban” that refers to a “creek that runs only during the rainy season”. Initially, the creator of the brand, Gordon Merchant, made board shorts at his own home and sold them to local surf shops. Merchant’s board shorts were on high demand from surfers, and this is when he realised he would only become successful if he made the next step and expanded the company in order to increase public awareness and sales. He did this through sponsoring the Billabong brand in…show more content…
Malaysia’s Culture Face In most Asian cultures, Malaysian included, it is extremely important that an individual does not “lose face”. This simply means you show your feelings and emotions publically, and this is identified as a negative display of behaviour. There are different techniques Malaysians will use to “save face”, especially in a business situation. To cover real feelings and emotions laughter is often used which can show how nervous or shy the individual may be feeling. Malaysians perceive it to be very important to save face in business settings as it may have a negative impact on your future business deals. Religion All of the world’s major religions have substantial representation in Malaysia. The Malays are almost all Muslims (61.3%), Buddhist (19.8%), Christian (9.2%) and Hindu (6.3%). Whilst there are other religions present in Malaysia, these ones make up most of the country. Language The official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia, whilst English, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin and other dialects) and Thai are also spoken in Malaysia. Management Practices Working practices in Malaysia When scheduling business meetings in Malaysia one must take into consideration the importance of prayer times in the is predominantly Muslim country. Fridays are a particularly religious day of the week and if possible meetings should not be scheduled for this time. Structure and Hierarchy

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