Billie Holiday Research Papers

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According to Billie Holiday’s website, her real name is Eleanora Fagan. She “…borrowed her professional name – Billie Holiday – from screen star Billie Dove.” (The Bicycle Music Company, 2016). The textbook, The Enjoyment of Music (12th Edition Shorter), said she was also “known as Lady Day” (Forney, K., Dell’Antonio, A., & Machlis J., 2015). She grew up in Baltimore and later went with her mom to New York, becoming a prostitute (The Bicycle Music Company, 2016). In the 30’s, she started singing in night clubs and was discovered 3 years after and recorded with the clarinetist Benny Goodman (Forney, K., Dell’Antonio, A., & Machlis J., 2015). “Although she had never received formal vocal training, she had a remarkable sense of pitch and flawless delivery- a style she learned from listening to her two idols, Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong.” (Forney, K., Dell’Antonio, A., & Machlis J., 2015).…show more content…
Her most famous song, Strange Fruit, was recorded in 1939, and was about lynching. (Forney, K., Dell’Antonio, A., & Machlis J., 2015). “… the song resonated with blacks and whites alike and became a powerful social commentary on black identity and equality.” (Forney, K., Dell’Antonio, A., & Machlis J., 2015). She recorded 100 new songs on a different label, Verve, while doing this she had a tour in Europe (The Bicycle Music Company, 2016). “By the 1940’s, Holiday’s life had deteriorated, the result of alcohol, drug abuse, and ill-chosen relationships with abusive men. She began using opium and heroin, and was jailed on drug charges in
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