Who Is Lynching?

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Many black artist were mistreated and had many of their works covered by white artists; which sadly got the fame and fortune for their hard work. African Americans in the past and till today have had to suffer violence, prejudice, and racism from society in many instances. Lynching is one form of violence and injustice that was passed by white people to the blacks because they had too much freedom, and thought that blacks were getting away with too much. Lynching of black people was mostly high in the south, but there was still no laws against lynching. Billie Holiday, real name Eleanora Fagan, was a very brave individual who had an impact with one of her songs she performed. Billie herself felt uneasy when singing “Strange Fruit”, which is understandable considering the possible backlash against her. With the fear of retaliation against her for this song, she still managed to perform a haunting and poignant song. So well done was her performance that she received approval from the audience, yet there were those who did not like this song. lkrauss1 stated that, “As a spark for the beginning of Civil Rights and its combining with music, “Strange Fruit” was important in showing everyone the terrible problems of racism in America, through a jazz song that was both controversial and identifiable”. Not many black artist brought up any form of protest songs making this a one of a kind song for its time. It might not seem like a major contribution to civil rights, but it was a
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