Billing and Inventory System Thesis Proposal

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The computerized system has a big contribution in our society such as they can do very detailed work and follow precise instructions without error. In order to know the problem encountered by the staff, the researcher conducted an interview in the Rehabilitation Center located at Sto Niño, Magalang Pampanga. These are some problems in our chosen local like no proper record of the staffs, patients, billing, and retrieval of data is time consuming and more chances of human error.

The basic advantages of the proposed system are to make the process efficient and fast which means they can process information much more quickly than humans. The retrieval of data is very slow it has to be searched in lots of registers and these waste
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According to the authors of the said study, "its tangible value is just as great by making your office run faster and smoothly." The system enhances the collections process by monitoring accounts and automatically identifying those which are delinquent. The main problem is, in the movement of every patient inside the Local Community Hospitals and how their bills can be monitored (Ong, Orido & Santibañes, 2005).
According to the study entitled "Automated Centralized Billing System for Morong Doctor's Local Community Hospitals", automated billing systems can decrease the waiting period of patients between 7 and 21 days. It also registers patients automatically when they are admitted in the Local Community Hospitals. Electronic record improves patient care by insuring that the correct information, such as the proper medication is retrievable. "No matter what happens with the stock market; economy, people are going to be sick..." (Automated Centralized Billing System for Morong Doctor's Local Community Hospitals, 2003).
From the study, "Jose P. Reyes Medical Center Billing System", Local Community Hospitals is indispensable institution brought into existence in response into an environmental need. In India, the Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre is one of the corporate Local Community Hospitals to fall in line with enthusiasm. It is one of the Local

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