Billions of Years vs. Thousands of Years

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The earth is known to be old, but what is the truth of how old is the earth. There is scientific evidence of how old it is, some would say it’s Billions of years and some would say Thousands of years old. There is a lot of factors like rocks layers, plants, animals, sun, moon and many more facts that can predict how many years has the earth been around. But to find the truth if it’s a Billions of years or Thousands of years we would have to compare the two and even look into scientist discovering facts. Or do we go off the what God has created and the Bibles authors? When we read about how or what makes the earth Billions of years? There was a Geologic time scale that was invented in 1800’s. Within this invention, this scale…show more content…
Scientists use protons and atoms as there scientist research to prove if they hit each other in the sky this will cause caribou and this would be fall on the plants or animals. When the plants or animals die, the carbohydrates should have died. There is no technique in earth the measures level in carbon 14 older then 1000 thousand of year. Natural causes are not responsible for variations in the sun’s energy and the Earths Orbit. (Ref) which supports the scientist or the creationist claims. There believes or scientific studies have facts to the young earth vice old earth theory. Between the Billion and Thousand years theory, both have a great point of views. They both have scientific beliefs and biblical believes. One thing between both is that we have documented or spiritual writings on which one is true. The Geologic scale provide dates and good scientific measurement. There is scientific research that dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 millions years. If we go by the bible it states that its less then that. To understand the why the billion years can be far fetch to believe one would have to understand the Bible and choose to read and listen to the word of God vice the word of man. Everyone has their opinion and it depends on a person and what they choose to believe or accept. Per the research of Geologic Time (radiometric) the Earth is about 4.600 billions years old. The bible said it’s
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