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Billy Beane
Billy Beane, is the general manager of the baseball team the Oakland A’s. When he was younger, just after finishing high school, Billy, was offer a scholarship to attend the University of Stanford and at the same time the New York Mets reached out to express their desire of hiring Billy because of their unique abilities and master of the 5 tools of baseball, calling him “a potential superstar.” At such young age, his parents let the decision of getting a degree or playing for the major leagues all in Billy’s hands. Billy excited about the lifetime opportunity and blinded by the money decided he was going to accept the offer of the Mets. However, he never bloom in the team, he never gave results. The losses and the bad streak disabled
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He has his weaknesses like not sharing the decision-making process and avoiding creating personal relationships with employees but in overall, he was very efficient. He demonstrated to be completely emerge in his role and being very loyal to the organization, he follows his instincts and used new approaches to get better results. Billy was not afraid of experiment, he wanted to succeed badly. He even took some risked decisions like hiring a player with his own money for the greater good of the team. When he got the soda for free for the players he showed some initiative to make the players more comfy and motivated. Billy could be said to be motivated by two of the contemporaries’ theories of motivation; Job engagement and the goal setting theory (Robbins & Judge, 2014). Beane, was a unique baseball manager not because he used to be a player but because he was fully engaged in his team. Because he loved the sport he was very compromise in his job and his major goal, winning the last game of the season was his top motivation. Money didn’t motivated…show more content…
The thing about Peter was that de defied the system, he was truthful and intelligent, and that was why Beane hired him. His personality could be defined as very conscious, not so agreeable but too introvert to say it, very confident and stable and open to experience according to the big five traits (Robbins & Judge, 2014). His lack of leadership is due to his introverted character, but he is more helpful, cooperative and affectionate than Beane would ever be. He is motivated just like Billy by his engagement to the work and his desire to accomplish a specific goal. His weaknesses are being too shy and usually that makes others not take him into consideration but his strengths are that he is very smart and know well what he is
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