Billy Elliot Film Analysis

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Individuals venturing into new transitions could confront obstacles but may also gain significant rewards. Barriers often obstruct the achievement of goals which bring about growth and change within oneself and their surroundings. Billy Elliot is a film set in an English town of Evirngton, England during the 1985 mining strikes. The film depicts a young boy facing the challenge of overcoming traditional gender stereotypes to pursue his love for ballet. Billy faces extreme adversity from his family and community that hold traditional values and beliefs. The process of transitioning into a new phase of life may be confronting but ultimately lead to new understandings of self and others. Stephen Aldry’s Billy Elliot film epitomizes this idea as Billy tries to pursue his passion for dancing in 1980’s England. The obstacles he faces throughout his transition shape his journey throughout the text. Similarly, Clint Eastwood’s novel ‘American sniper’ explores how transitions can shape an individual and their relationships with others around them, Where Kyle returns from his first deployment and reunites with Taya Kyle. Taya immediately notices that her husband has changed, war has made him moodier and angrier. Yet this transition is yet to be complete.
Billy challenges society’s expectations based on gender during this era, as he conflicts against male stereotypes on gender roles and follows his passion for dance. Billy’s transition is represented through a series of visual and
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