Billy Elliot is a Story of a Young Boy's Journey to Become a Professional Dancer

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Billy Elliot is a story of a young boy’s journey to fulfil his dream in becoming a professional dancer. The story takes place in Everington, in a coal mining town with the cultural norm expecting boys to participate in boxing. However, Billy challenges this norm by choosing to dropout of boxing and take up ballet instead. This movie illustrates the obstacles that he faced and how he battled his way to overcome them to become a professional dancer.

The social environment of a child is very important to the development of their respective sport as it has direct implications to their motivation level and their willingness to learn. Billy was not in a supportive social environment when he was practicing boxing. Billy lost his mother at a
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All these made him felt comfortable, the support and guidance that he gets from the teacher motivates him and he became good at it after a while.

Both his father and brother were very unsupportive, they were against the idea of ballet as they equate male ballet dancers with homosexuality, in being a “poof”. However, with the love for dance, Billy struggles hard to overcome all the social humiliations to continue with ballet, he quitted boxing and had to hide it from his family. He lies and hides his ballet shoes to sneak back into the private sessions with the teacher in preparation for the Royal Ballet School audition despite being told to quit.

Billy truly enjoys dancing, it allows him to experience joy and he is able to set all his troubles aside. He channels all his frustration and energy into dancing and imagine himself dancing uncontrollably through the streets and rooftops whenever he encounter stressful situations to ease the tension and pain. With efforts to become better, Billy read books and watches videos so that he can visualise himself repeating their actions. He replayed the instructions from the teacher in doing the proper form in his head and practiced hard in his toilet at home so as to master the moves on his own accord.

The passion for ballet drove Billy to persevere and danced despite all the feelings and opinions of others, including his family members. Billy

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