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Billy Goat Trail The Billy Goat trail currently located in Maryland and is part of the Great Falls. After getting familiar with the Billy Goat Trail you can see all the evidence that a great geological phenomenon has occurred at that location. This location went through several geographical changes that I will be mentioning along with some of the evidence from the Billy Goat Trail. The Billy Goat Trail actually started at the bottom of the Iaptus Ocean more than 460 million years ago. At the bottom of the ocean the sand was being deposited on top of the mud making some graded bedding that was caused by turbidity currents. The rock that was being formed from graded bedding on the bottom of the ocean floor was the sedimentary rock called …show more content…
The Acadian Orogeny not only started the mountain building in the region but also brought volcanic activity along and this meant that the rocks in the region now where under a great amount of pressure and extreme amount of heat.
Some of the evidence that I observed at the Billy Goat Trail from the Acadian Orogeny was the Gneiss rocks that where hidden underneath the large boulders where we stopped for lunch. The rock Gneiss requires high pressure and high heat because the rock has U-shaped banding due to the pressure and black and white striations from the heat. (2) Another observation from the trip that supports the Acadian Orogeny is the Lamprophyre dikes that cut across the Meta-Greywacke and are found in both sides of the Potomac River. The Lamprophyre dikes are younger than the Meta-Greywacke since they cut across them and since the dikes are made of basalt they can be dated back about 360 million years ago thus linking them to the Acadian Orogeny. Also the dikes weather out faster than the rock around them. (3)
After the Acadian Orogeny the continent of North America collided with Africa which was at the time of Pangea. Then the continents separated and opened up a new ocean called the Atlantic Ocean but there was no evidence found in the region to prove this geological event so the time missing is called an unconformity. During this time the region was just experiencing weathering

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