Essay about Billy Graham : Man and Ministry

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Billy Graham: Man and Ministry in the Fifties

Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every nation. (Mark 16:15)

While the world is full of Christians, few actually take this commissioning seriously. It is regarded as impractical or even impossible. For one servant of Christ, Billy Graham, impossible does not exist in the realm of the faithful. The Bible teaches that with God all things are possible, and looking at Graham's resume, one would almost be convinced that was true. Graham is quite possibly the greatest preacher of all time. He has preached in 185 countries to over three billion people. That number is more people than even the apostle Paul preached to. He has been personal friend and minister to ten United States
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In order to raise a son who could arguably be the most influential preacher in this century, one would think his parents must surely have been influential, devout, and pious. In reality, Graham's parents were quiet, humble people of God. On a small dairy farm in Charlotte, North Carolina, Billy Graham received his first lessons in the ways of the world and in the ways of the mysterious God. His father was a working man, comfortable only when his hands were immersed and occupied in the work of the farm. Secretly, he always felt some unanswered calling to the pulpit, to be a preacher; a feeling that was only resolved by living his calling through his oldest son, Billy Graham (Frady 33). His parents were God fearing people and strict Calvinists, and raised Graham to believe in hard work and honesty. Billy Graham was later to reject this Calvinistic upbringing, but there is no doubt that his parents were the initial influences on his spiritual life.

At age seventeen Graham found himself in the same position in which many seventeen year olds find themselves. He enjoyed high school, was popular with the girls, and had absolutely no idea where the rest of his life would take him. He played baseball and basketball and enjoyed being young and carefree. This was a time in which tent revivals were popular, and during the year an evangelist named Mordecai Ham came to town to lead a three month revival in Charlotte. Graham, like any average teenager, avoided what promised to
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