Billy Hope : Social Class In The Movie Southpaw

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Billy Hope is the undefeated light-heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He is happily married to his wife and has a young daughter, Leila. When approached by a formal rival in what leads to a heated dispute, his wife is shot and killed. As Billy's life slowly begins to fall apart, he finds himself in a never ending downward spiral. This spiral results in him being banned from the professional boxing scene for a year, the loss of his house and almost all of his possessions and the loss of his daughter to social services. In effort to gain control over his life again and seek custody of his daughter, Billy seeks out the help of a trainer named Tick Wills. After getting a job at Tick's gym, Billy finds himself starting from the bottom. He begins training to fight to win back his title and win back his life. In the movie Southpaw, social class comes to play in an enormous way. Billy fights his way to the top of his social class both physically and socially. However, when he loses all of his materialistic possessions along with his family, he finds himself at the bottom. His car, his house, and even his career has been taken away from him. Billy Hope was a man who worked for what he wanted. He had power, property and prestige and when he lost all it all due to his wife dying.
Max Weber
This movie is an amazing example of the components of social class. Max Weber states that there are three components of social class: property, power, and prestige. Property, or wealth, comes

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