Billy 's Top Trait By Billy Essay

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Throughout the semester, Billy took on a vocal yet non-leadership role. The biggest drawback of Billy’s participation was his frequent absences. Billy’s top trait according to StrengthQuest is Competition. I think Billy strongly showed Competition in both positive and negative ways. In both BizCafe and other minor activities, competition acted as a motivator for Billy, being more engaged when more was on the line. This was a benefit in direct competition, like the dice stacking game early on in the semester. The competition with others helped Billy focus, brainstorming new ideas and strategies to defeat the other groups. However, this became a drawback when less was on the line. In more straightforward activities, like creating an advertisement for hiring employees, Billy would be less creative and less engaged when there was no competition. In non-competitive scenarios, Billy would complete his part of the work and contribute, but he would be less driven and less creative.
While displaying some traits of Initiator-Contributor, I think Billy’s main role in our group was Energizer. Having a gregarious personality, Billy naturally adds energy to group work. This was most evident in highly collaborative group work like weekly BizCafe decisions. When Billy was in class and engaged, he helped us stay on topic and try to find the best solution. He did this primarily by supporting the strategies of others. A recent example of this was our decision for week eleven in BizCafe. When
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