Billy the Bully

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Billy the Bully Introduction Early on a Saturday morning I was hurrying down the street to buy a scone for my big sister at our neighborhood bakery. It was her birthday and I wanted to do something special for her (besides the gifts we had planned for her later in the day). It was a cloudy spring day and rain was predicted, so I was moving pretty fast because I didn't have an umbrella. I bought the ginger scone and on the way back home I looked across the street and saw a boy from my class pushing another younger boy. It was Billy, who was big for his size, pushing another kid and smacking him. I stopped for a moment to watch. How rude and unfair, I thought to myself. Billy had always been a bit rude to me and I had seen him bullying people on the playground but he never laid a hand on me. Just then Billy looked over and saw me watching him push the little kid around and he yelled, "What are you looking at you little nerd?" That was all I needed to hear to get going back to our house. Raindrops started falling about halfway home so I began to run. I looked back and Billy had left the little boy and was on my side of the street and running behind me. I am not a nerd but I am a good student and I am athletically active so I put it into another gear and left the bully well behind. He isn't really too fat, but he is overweight and he can't run as fast as I can. Once home, I put the scone in our bread box and went to my room to finish my math and science homework. My

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