Bin Laden's The Nautilus

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Technology is a vine creeping slowly, ready to engulf the whole of the Earth in years to come. It has been necessary to countless advances in the world, but many think that it could be a foreshadowing of something sinister. The belief in this underlying future has led to dichotomous interpretations of a technological domination. These often focus on robots with an artificial intelligence superior to human intelligence. They are able to defeat the human race, with their advanced, albeit artificial, thinking. It is not difficult to find someone or something ready to preach of the possibility of a robot apocalypse. While a total robot takeover is likely far off, robots are still altering the human world at a rapid rate. A major theme in…show more content…
Though this robot is no longer in commission due to lack of funding, it is still a great illustration of the potential of technology (Nautilus). “Using the tone and location of the reports, Nautilus predicted the outcome of the Arab Spring and the location of Bin Laden to an area with a 125-mile radius in northern Pakistan, when many experts thought Bin Laden was hiding in Afghanistan” (Nautilus tech). This robot had the abilities to do a lot of good by predicting the future. By the same token, if it were wrong about an event, or if it were in the wrong hands, it could cause a lot of…show more content…
What this could mean for the future is difficult to say with any surety. However, the more optimistic people like to speculate that robots will become an increasingly important and accepted part of human society. They may rule the world, be like pets, or simply be the backbone of many industries. Whether a more Jetson’s type reality, or a more Terminator type one, there is no doubt that they will be a part of the future.
Despite all they have done for the world, robots have a very unique and extensive history of villainization. There will be many opportunities for them in the future to either make or break society. Popular theories of a robot war are often favorites, but a lot of the possible realities involve a much more passive takeover. Overall, robots are an important aspect to be educated about in this changing world. Simply understanding the implications of artificial intelligence can completely change its impact. Robots will be a part of the future, whether for the good of humans, or to their
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