Binder Chapter 7 Outline Essays

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Chapter 7:
America Goes to War
Building a National Army-Meirion and Susie Harries * Early fall of 1917 watchers near rail tracks would have seen young Americans riding to their appointed camps and cantonments * Very diverse people riding: Chocktaws and Cochin Chinese, Hebrews, Greeks, Italians, English, Irish, Scots, Slavs, Swedes, Germans, Austrians, Albanians, Poles, Armenians, Syrians, Finns, Hispanics, and Japanese. Blacks went on separate trains * Attracted men with all shapes and sizes * Lanky recruits of Scots blood from the mountains of N. Carolina * Short stocky Mediterraneans from NE * Recent immigration was heaviest * Smallest size was 5”1 128 lbs * Largest size was 6”6
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troops didn’t get adequate training * Camps were far spreading city of wooden buildings with flat roofs * Recruits quickly set into reality with a medical examination that left with barely enough strength to crawl into their barracks * Barracks were two story building * Second floor was a vast dormitory with iron cots * First floor was equipped with kitchen, storerooms, mess hall, and captain’s office * Most barracks weren’t ready to be occupied yet * Camp Logan founded by Illinois National Guard * Hospital had been built without heating or running water * Engineers found the storage to be so faulty that it was going to collapse * Camp MacArthur, Texas * Laid the water mains of wood that was old * When the water was turned on, typhoid ran thru camp * Camp Dix, New Jersey * Built for 38,000 men * Maxed out at 54,500 * All camps produced huge amounts of trash and none of the camps had waterproof surfaces where the trash cans could be kept * Earth around the cans became a morass of mashed and rotting waste * Lack of sewage in camps too * Selective Service Act-forced draft boards to induct them for combatant or noncombatant duty depending on the nature of their objections * Secretary of war, Newton Baker was very liberal about his policies, letting some religious sects not to engage in violence * Military

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