Binding Problem Research Paper

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One of the most important still unsolved in neuroscience is called “Binding Problem”. Scientists believe that the different features present in sensory stimuli are represented and processed in separate parts of the brain. For example, after we see a red triangle, the triangular shape is processed by a particular cluster of neurons, and the red color is processed by another cluster. The question, yet unsolved, is how the brain bind these distint representations and allows us to have the notion of one single object. The same occurs for other visual features, e.g., texture, brightness, or for other features present in the other type of sensory stimuli.
These neuron clusters do not necessarily have been located in the same region to represent the same feature.
The most intuitive solutions to this problem would be to imagine that there is a special cluster
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There is an extensive literature on experiments which tested the hypothesis as a synchronization binding mechanism.

These studies show that depending on the oscillation frequency, synchronizations have characteristic spatial range, specific areas of the brain, and would be linked to different cognitive functions.
The alpha waves (8-12 Hz) would be associated with all cortical regions, thalamus and hippocampus, with a long-range synchronization. Synchronizations in these frequencies would be associated with attention process.

Beta waves (13-30 Hz) would be associated with all cortical regions, sub thalamic nucleus, basal ganglia, hippocampus, olfactory bulb, and would have long-range synchronization. The principal associated cognitive processes would be perception, attention, motor control, sensory gating, top-down control, and
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