Binge Drinking: A Case Study

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Factors that affect the absorption of alcohol such as “the alcohol concentration in your drink, the amount of alcohol a person consume, the amount of food in a person’s stomach, your metabolism, weight, body mass index and an individuals mood” (Donatelle, 2016, p. 233). For example if Paulo and a friend of his were the exact same weight and had the same meal, but the friend has a poorer metabolism, then he would have a longer absorption rate than Paulo despite their similarities. The amount of alcohol that is considered binge drinking for women would be would be about “four or more drinks in about two hours” and for men it would be about “five or more drinks” (240). Since Paulo regularly drinks between 5-8 drinks in an evening he would be considered…show more content…
(240). Short-term effects of binge drinking could include: dehydration, indigestion, heartburn, hangovers, hospitalization for fights, poor sexual decision-making, rape/sexual assault/dating violence, and lastly alcohol poisoning (235-237). Long-term effects of binge drinking could include: damage to the nervous system, weight gain, cardiovascular effects, liver disease (cirrhosis), and cancer (237-239). When Paulo’s friend, Luke, was rushed to the hospital, for fighting, the doctor told him that his BAC (blood alcohol content) was high enough that he could’ve gotten alcohol poisoning that’s a result of binge drinking. Luke would have had to have possibly 5-8 drinks in two hours, but what could have made him susceptible to alcohol poisoning could have been the fact that he probably didn’t eat well enough before drinking alcohol. I do believe that peer pressure, deliberate or not, can lead to high risk behavior because for one when college students enter college they are away from home and can embrace their newfound independence through” the rite of passage are symbolized by alcohol
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