Binge Drinking Among College Students And Its Implications On The Society

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Binge Drinking among College Students and Its Implications on the Society Binge drinking is a term used to describe a situation where women drink more than 4 bottles of alcohol in a row and men drink 5 or more bottles of alcohol in a row. It is taking too much alcohol in a short period. Alcohol is a substance that gradually produces an addiction in the body. Many college students use alcohol in recreational activities and parties. The alcohol gradually leads to addiction and causes a decline in their social and academic performance. Additionally, some students drink to boost their image and popularity, while others do so as a means to counter mounting pressures. There is a lot of peer pressure in college and minimal control and guidance from parents and teachers, which contributes to binge drinking.. Binge drinking in college is a societal issue as it affects students’ performance, contributes to accidents, and causes negative impacts on health. The Effects of Binge Drinking The Medical Aspect Binge drinking is a health issue as it contributes to various illnesses including brain damage. Alcohol acts as a neurotoxin when consumed in excessive quantities and destroys the brain cells. College students and youngsters prone to taking too much alcohol face the risk of having impaired reasoning, memory, and cognitive functioning. Alcohol poisoning is also a common risk among binge drinkers. Alcohol poisoning refers to the toxic effects of alcohol attributed to high alcohol
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