Binge Drinking Essay

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Binge Drinking
Drinking has become an increasing problem in our society. Many people now see drinking as a norm. Lisa McIntyre, author of The Practical Skeptic states that, “For one thing, we know that norms vary across societies” (152). So we also know that what is considered to be deviant varies across societies.” How could members of our society see drinking as anything but a norm when everywhere one turns alcohol is being advertised? Whether it be on billboards, busses, in magazine ads, or television commercials, alcohol is everywhere and it seems as though everyone is drinking it. Gone are the times of prohibition, when alcohol was seen as evil.
After doing quantitative research on
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Because of this, we had to use a variable of drug use, that being whether marijuana should be made legal or not, assuming that those who answered yes to the question, were current marijuana smokers. Though we do not view marijuana use as a problem, it was the only other mind-altering substance that we felt could be even mildly compared to alcohol. We do not feel that marijuana has any of the same social effects as alcohol, and is not a true problem among our society, but once again, it was the only variable we could measure. Make note that in all theories and hypothesis we tested, we actually were stating our views as though alcohol was the variable, not marijuana.
We started our research by testing our theory that people who smoke marijuana were more likely to have unprotected sex, because marijuana alters the mind’s ability to think clearly. Often times, people who are “high” do not think about the risks of having unprotected sex, or even using a condom for that matter. We then developed the hypothesis that people who smoke marijuana are more likely to not use condoms during sexual intercourse. To tests these ideas, we operationalized the dependent variable of condom, which asks the question, “The last time you had sex was a condom used? This includes vaginal, oral, or anal sex.” We then used the independent variable of grass, which asks the question, “Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal
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